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    Cougar WHITE heavy 160 lb. cardstock 8.5x11

    Color: White
    Paper Size: 8.5x11
    Weights: 160# cover wt (433 gsm)
    Printing Compatibility: copier+ digital+ Inkjet+ Laser+ Offset
    Ships Within: 1 Business day
    Recycle: Minimum 10% post consumer fiber
    Size Guide

    Cougar White 160 lb Card Stock

    is the answer to your heavy card stock needs. This sturdy discount card stock is perfect for those jobs such as hang tags, homemade boxes, hair accessories cards, and more.  If you are creating a layering card, invitation, or business card, you will find this card stock to be a great choice.  

    Due to the thickness of this 433 gsm card stock, printing may need to be done professionally.  Be sure to check with your printer to see if they are able to print on this heavy card stock

    Here at CutCardStock, we carry a wide variety of sizes in matching Cougar Envelopes

    --"This 160lb cardstock is wonderful . . . it's thick and sturdy, it will stand up to lots of handling from little hands." --CCS 2017 DT Member, Birgit, August 25, 2017

    Questions & Answers

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    • How many sheets to a pack

      Available in packs of 25 sheets with a pricing discount when purchasing in packages of 100.  Quantity is chosen in the drop down menu.

    • Can you cut openings in the center like 5.5 X 8.5 inches to make a thin art mat?

      We are sorry, but at this time, we are unable to cut the center out.

    • How do I request a sample of this paper?

      You can request samples through our Sample Request Form

    • can I feed 160 lb yardstick through my ex15000 epson printer? If not wha tis highest weight Cougar smooth paper I can feed through my printer.

      We are sorry, but we are unable to answer questions about specific printers as we do not have the expertise on all the printers available. You will need to check your printer specifications concerning printing and paper weights.  We can tell you that most printers cannot print on this thick of stock.  Most home printers can comfortably print on up to 80 lb cover weight stock.  But again each printer has different specifications on the heavy a stock it can print on.

    • I am trying to find white card stock 14x 14 or 14x 16 suitable for making envelopes for greeting cards. Can you help me with this please.

      We can do a custom bulk order for card stock this size.  Please submit a card stock quote request.

    • Can this card stock absorb water without wrinkling?

      This is not something that we can can answer with confidence, we would suggest ordering a sample to test it for your project.

    • Can you recommend a paper weight to make a supporting bottom insert for flat bottom vinyl bags?

      We would recommend getting a sample of this and maybe the 130 lb cover  to see what will work best for the bottom of your bags.

    • can stock come in black thank you

      We carry Classic Crest Epic Black in 165 lb cover weight.

    • Do you have larger sheets- 24 x 36, 36 x 48 ?

      We do cut our stock from the larger sheets, but we are not set up to ship the larger sheets, so this is not something that we offer.

    • can this be used to make a hand fan with out having to use 2 sheets

      We would suggest getting a sample so you can see if this would work for your project.

    • Is this card stock slick or matte finish

      This is a smooth matte finish.  It is NOT a gloss finish.

    • Is this acid free?

      Yes, this is acid free.

    • I'm looking for 8.5 x 11, smooth white, extra heavy cardstock, 20pt thick min, Laser Print compatible. I saw your 433gsm, but would like a caliper measurement to confirm the thickness.

      The  manufacturer lists this stock as a 21.8 pt.  Although, it may be inkjet compatible, your printer will need to be able to handle the weight of this stock.