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    No. 10 Flat Cards

    Do you get frustrated when you walk into a stationery store only to find cookie cutter invitations that don’t have the look or feel you desire for your upcoming party or special event? At CutCardStock we understand your dilemma—and have a wide range of solutions to best meet your needs.

    Tea Length Invitations—At 4 x 9.25 our #10 flat card invitations are the standard size for tea length invitations. However, you may opt to use them for DIY wedding invitations, blank invitations, or any other DIY invitations.

    Colorful Selections—Many of our valued customers turn to our high quality DIY invitations so that they can custom craft invitations that match the colors of their upcoming party, wedding, or special event. At CutCardStock we have all the colors of the rainbow—as well as a multitude of shades in each color family to ensure you can find a complimentary color to match your event.

    High-Quality—We pride ourselves in offering high quality blank invitation flat cards to ensure that your invitations and art and craft projects have a professional look and feel.

    Our #10 flat card invitations fit perfectly into our #10 envelopes, making shopping for both at CutCardStock a breeze!

    Basis Colors No. 10 Blank FLAT Card Invitations


    From$ 10.95

    • Aqua
    • Blue
    • Burgundy
    • Light Blue
    • +7
    BULK Cougar No. 10 Discount Card Stock -Blank Flat Cards


    From$ 57.95

    • White
    • Natural
    Classic Crest No. 10 Flat Cards


    From$ 9.50

    • Baronial Ivory
    • Classic Natural White
    • Solar White 97B
    • 100 Recycled Bright White
    • +1
    Cougar No. 10 Flat Card Invitations


    From$ 7.95

    • White
    • Natural
    Pop-Tone No. 10 Flat Card Invitations


    From$ 6.55

    • Banana Split
    • Berrylicious
    • Black Licorice
    • Blue Raspberry
    • +20
    Savoy 100% Cotton No. 10 FLAT Card Invitations


    From$ 16.95

    • Brilliant White
    • Natural White
    Stardream Metallic No. 10 Discount Card Stock


    From$ 19.95

    • Eris - 74 lb
    • Pluto - 74 lb
    • Amethyst
    • Antique Gold
    • +28