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    Our Story. . . 

    Cutcardstock began at our dining room table with a small rotary cutter, a dream and a hope that God would help us develop this into a real company. Today there are 9 of us on the CutCardStock team.

    The idea of CutCardStock sprouted while my wife Cindy was a stay at home mom back in 2006. While enjoying the benefits of being a staying at home, she used her imagination to create extra spending money. A small local company asked her if she would cut paper to special sizes for their customers. She agreed and placed a small rotary paper cutter on our dining room table and began cutting very small stacks of cardstock for customers orders. Providentially, the stress on her wrist and the stress of my job caused us to re-think our future. We began to dream of turning this part-time opportunity into a real company of our own. It has been quite an Adventure for two people with no IT or Website design training to start and run an on-line company. During these years we’ve experienced God’s help and provision for our family. Our first cutting room began upstairs in our home in a 8 x 9 spare room and today we currently rent 5,500 square feet of warehouse space. Today we are continuing to help others make lasting impressions with our blank invitations, folded cards, discount card stock, envelopes and quality cutting and printing.

    As we have grown over the years, we have counted it a privilege to use some of our profits to reach out and help others.   We have been fortunate to help in our community by giving through our local church, overseas missions, and some local nonprofit groups in our community. Our newest giving opportunity has been to have periodic events in which we give away card stock, envelopes and paper to our local school teachers. We believe that when God blesses us, we are called to bless others.

    Our family would like to thank each of you for giving us a chance to be your Discount Card Stock company.

    Darrell and Cindy Crots - Founders of Cutcardstock

    Meet the CutCardStock Team:

    Darrell and Cindy Crots, founders of CutCardStock:

      CutCardStock is what it is today, because of our awesome team.  They faithfully assist with the daily customer service, shipping and customizations.  Meet our team below. 

    Our Son, Jay joined the CutCardStock team in 2018.  He has been a great addition to the team.  He is the visionary for CutCardStock and he manages the everyday operations at CutCardStock.

    Jim (above) is one of our cutting and paper scoring specialists.   He has been working for CutCardStock since August 2014.  He has recently taken over overseeing our productions and printing services.
    Marc has been a great addition to the CCS Team, he is instrumental in the cutting of most of our card stock and cards.    He has worked for CutCardStock since 2018.
    Nyssa joined the CutCardStock team in 2017.  She is our lead customer service representatives.  
    Christina joined the CutCardStock team in the Fall of 2018.  When she is not shipping out packages, she is very involved in the printing department.
    Matt and Bonnie are the best product packaging employees, we have ever had.  They are both instrumental in keeping our warehouse organized.