A9 Flat Cards for Announcements and DIY Invitations

    Our A9 flat card invitations are ideal for a wide range of specialty and customized projects. They are 5.5x8.5, and will fit into any of our A9 Envelopes. For frame of reference, they are half the size of a standard sheet of 8.5x11 paper. Our A9 flat card invitations can be purchased in every color you can imagine.

    DIY Invitations—If you have an upcoming party, wedding, or special event, and will be printing your invitations at home—our A9 flat cards are an excellent selection. They are perfect both for DIY invitations, as well as professionally printed graphic designs. They are even ideal for blank invitations that can be personalized as needed.

    Handmade Notecards—Handmade notecards are an ideal option when you want to create a signature card for a loved one, or when you want to create a series of custom cards. To ensure ease of writing you can hand decorate the corners and sides of your flat card—and write a personalized note or message inside.

    Arts & Crafts—Although intended for invitations, our flat cards are a favorite choice for a wide range of specialty art and craft projects.

    At CutCardStock, we have all the colors you need to design any invitation you dream!

    Basis Colors A9 Blank FLAT Card Invitations


    From$ 10.95

    • Aqua
    • Blue
    • Burgundy
    • Light Yellow
    • +4
    BULK Cougar A9 Discount Card Stock -Blank Flat Cards


    From$ 57.95

    • White
    • Natural
    Classic Crest A9 Flat Card Invitations


    From$ 9.50

    • Baronial Ivory
    • Classic Natural White
    • Solar White 97B
    • 100 Recycled Bright White
    • +1
    Classic LINEN A9 Flat Card Invitations


    From$ 9.95

    • Classic Natural White
    • Solar White 97B
    Neenah Cotton 110 lb cover Blank A9 Discount Card stock

    Lewis Paper

    From$ 21.95

    • Fluorescent White
    • Pearl White
    Pop-Tone A9 Flat Card Invitations


    From$ 6.55

    • Banana Split
    • Berrylicious
    • Black Licorice
    • Blue Raspberry
    • +20
    Savoy 100% Cotton A9 FLAT Card Invitations


    From$ 16.95

    • Brilliant White
    • Natural White
    Stardream Metallic A9 Discount Card Stock


    From$ 19.95

    • Eris - 74 lb
    • Pluto - 74 lb
    • Amethyst
    • Antique Gold
    • +28