Size Guide

    Considerations (PLEASE READ):

    • SHIPPING: Be sure to allow an extra 3-4 days for scored card stock to ship
    • SIZING: 
    • Maximum width is 18" wide
    • Minimum width is 4" wide
    • WEIGHTS: 
    • Scoring services are generally only done on CARDSTOCK.    
    • We can score text paper, but generally it is not necessary, as paper will readily fold without a score line.
    • Scoring is recommended on cardstock that is 65# cover up to 120# cover.  Scoring heavier card stock (over 120# cover) may result in cracking along the folded score line
    • This fee is only for your scoring order and is in addition to the cost of your paper. The score fee is charged per score line per stack of card stock.
    • The card stock is scored and shipped to you flat.
    • If you are having a hard time describing how you would like your card stock scored, please email a PDF template to or fax us a template showing where you would like your score line to 219-734-6032 or upload your template with your order.  Be sure to include your order number with all correspondence. 
    • Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning this service. 
    • In checkout please provide a valid phone number in case we have any questions concerning your order.

    Questions & Answers

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    • Hello, Is Kromekote White Gloss C1S Card Stock suitable for perfect binding? I imagine laser printing on the gloss side (the cover information) and gluing on the matte side after scoring and fitting. Thank you in advance.

      it will work fine for binding.

    • I want to create A1 greeting cards that have two scores for each card resulting in 3 panels. I am punching a square on the middle panel. The first panel will be folded to cover the artwork inserted in the middle panel behind the punched out square. The third panel will be the space to print or write a message. I have calculated that if I use 18 x 12 card stock I will have three A1 two score panel cards. I would like to use 125 sheets (of 250 sheets) to create these. I would also like to create A2 greeting cards with the same requirements as the A1. I calculate I can get 2 A2 two score panel cards and 1 A1 two score panel card from the remaining 125 sheets. This is the first time I have done this and appreciate your thoughts on how I can best place the order so that is clearly understood. Thank you so much for your help. Sandra

      Please call our customer service to get help with this order or email this request to us at
      We are able to help put this order together.  It will require both paper scoring and paper cutting fees.
      We are unable to do the square punch.
      Thank you