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Discount Card Stock Paper Samples

Request for 3 Samples - Limit 1 order per customer

$ 0.00

Custom Paper cutting

Personalized Paper Cutting Services

from $ 7.00

Premium White heavy discount card stock

Cougar WHITE heavy 130 lb. 8.5x11 Card Stock

from $ 16.05

White Discount Card Stock

Cougar WHITE Card Stock

from $ 18.05

BASIS Colors A7 ENVELOPES - 25 pack - Buy Cardstock


from $ 7.05

Shimmery Metallic paper

Stardream Metallic Paper - 50 sheets

$ 10.95

Paper Scoring on Discount Card Stock


from $ 18.50

Blank 5x7 Invitations

Basis Colors A7 Blank FLAT Card Invitations

from $ 9.05

Paper Corner Rounding at Discount Card Stock

Corner Rounding

from $ 7.00

White or Ivory Note Card Envelopes

Cougar Premium A-2 Envelopes

from $ 7.10

Bulk Envelopes

Bulk WHITE or NATURAL A-2 Envelopes - 1000 envelopes

from $ 69.50

Buy Gold and Silver Foil Card Stock

Bright FOIL 10 pt Cardstock 8.5x11 - 25 sheets

$ 11.95

Classic Crest 5x7 Discount Card Stock

Classic Crest A7 (5x7) Flat Card Invitations

from $ 8.95

Response Card Envelopes

Cougar 4Bar RSVP Discount Envelopes

from $ 5.10

Basic White Card Stock

Basis WHITE 80lb Cardstock

from $ 7.05

White and Ivory 5x7 Envelopes

Cougar Premium 70 lb A7 Envelopes

from $ 9.10

Premium White Discount Card Stock

Classic CREST SOLAR WHITE Card Stock 8.5x11

from $ 10.95

Basic Navy Card Stock

Basis NAVY 80lb Cardstock

from $ 7.05

Savoy Cotton Discount CardStock for Letterpress, inkjet, and laser printing

Savoy 100% Cotton Card stock for Letterpress

from $ 11.95

Stardream Metallic 5x7 Invitation Envelopes

Stardream Metallic A7 envelopes

from $ 9.95

Classic Crest 5x7 Discount Envelopes

Classic CREST Premium 80 lb A7 Envelopes

from $ 12.10

Best Metallic Silver Card Stock

Stardream Metallic SILVER 105 lb Card Stock

from $ 10.15

Gold Glitter Discount Card Stock Paper

Silk GLITTER Kings Crown Gold Card stock 12x12

from $ 10.95

BASIS Colors  ENVELOPES - 25 pack - Buy Cardstock


from $ 5.05

Lynx Opaque WHITE Smooth Card Stock

Lynx Opaque WHITE Smooth Card Stock

from $ 14.50

Vivid Pop-Tone 5x7 Envelopes

POP-TONE Vibrant Colored A7 Envelopes

from $ 12.05

Buy Bulk Envelopes

Bulk WHITE or NATURAL A-7 Envelopes - 1000 envelopes

from $ 89.50

White 160 lb cover weight card stock

Cougar WHITE heavy 160 lb. cardstock 8.5x11

from $ 11.05

Premium RSVP Envelopes

Cougar SQUARE FLAP A1 Envelopes 250 pack

$ 25.10

discount printing

Color and Black Printing Services on Discount Card Stock and Envelopes

from $ 0.29

Teton Deckled Edge Discount Card Stock

Teton DECKLE EDGE felt finish 80 lb Card Stock 8.5x11

from $ 10.05

Metallic RSVP Envelopes

Stardream Metallic A1 RSVP Envelopes

from $ 5.95

White 3 inch square envelopes

WHITE 3 1/8 inch square envelopes

from $ 7.50

Premium White and Ivory Envelopes

Cougar 80lb A7 Envelopes 250 pk

from $ 41.10

Curious metallic A7 discount envelopes fro 5x7 invitations

Curious Metallic A7 Envelopes

from $ 10.25

5x7 discount card stock

Cougar A7 (5x7) Flat Card Invitations

from $ 6.75

DIY A2 Folded Discount Card Stock

Cougar A2 Folded Blank Cards

from $ 7.75

Bulk White Discount Card Stock

Cougar WHITE Card Stock-CARTON pricing

from $ 157.00

Premium Heavy White Card Stock

Basis 8.5x11 WHITE 110lb Cardstock

from $ 9.05

Metallic Gold Card stock

Stardream Metallic GOLD 105 lb Cardstock

from $ 10.35

Metallic Off-White Card Stock

Stardream Metallic QUARTZ (off white) 105 lb Card Stock

from $ 10.15

DIY Invitations

A7 Layering Cards for Blank 5x7 Invitations - 25 pk

from $ 4.60

3-D Foam sticker adhesives

Double Sided Foam Adhesive Squares - 400 pcs


On Sale for $ 1.99

Discount Card Stock - 5x7 inch cotton card stock for letterpress

Savoy 100% Cotton 5x7 A7 FLAT Discount Card Stock Invitations

from $ 15.95

Natural Discount Card Stock

COUGAR Opaque NATURAL 100 lb. Card Stock

from $ 10.05

White and Ivory A2 envelopes

Classic CREST 80 lb A2 Envelopes

from $ 9.10

Vibrant A2 note card envelopes

POP-TONE Vibrant Colorful A2 Envelopes

from $ 10.05

Blank 5x7 Folded Discount Card Stock

Cougar 80 lb Blank A7 Folded Card Invitations

from $ 9.95