Glitter Card Stock

    Take Your Projects To The Next Level With Glitter Card Stock

    If you require card stock for your personal or professional projects, consider elevating the appearance of your work with glitter card stock! Adding a little extra sparkle and shine can create a touch of elegance, or a stand out accent in your project. Below are just a few reasons to turn to glitter discount card stock for everything from your DIY invitations to your art and craft projects.

    The Sparkle Of Glitter, Without The Mess 

    If hearing the word glitter makes you think of how messy it is working with loose glitter, which seems to find its way into every crack and crevice of your home or office—glitter card stock paper eliminates that mess. The glitter is in the paper, not on the paper—meaning no additional cleanup is required.

    A Smooth Surface To Work With 

    One of the challenges when working with loose glitter, is that once you apply the glitter—you no longer have a smooth surface to work with. However, when you work with glitter card stock for your DIY invitations and paper craft projects—you still have a clean and smooth surface to work with—just like working with any other card stock.

    Easy To Fold And Shape

    One of the many reasons you are likely to choose discount card stock for your specialty projects, is because you can easily fold and shape the paper any way your heart desires. This means you can create a smooth, clean line for your cards and invitations—or to create textured or 3D embellishments. Just as with standard card stock, glitter card stock will not crack when folded or buckle when punched with a paper punch—allowing you to achieve the precision you require for your projects.

    Professional Finish For All Your DIY Projects

    As much as you enjoy handcrafting your DIY invitations or arts and craft projects, you want all of your DIY projects to have a clean and professional appearance. Our discount cards stock will help you to do just that. This means that the extreme care and attention to detail that you put into your work will really stand out. Even if our glitter paper is not the only material you are working with, it is the perfect accent for your projects.

    If you are searching for high-quality, discount card stock then look no further. Whether you require standard, metallic, or glitter card stock—Cut Card Stock has you covered. We even have matching envelopes for the cards and invitations you craft, and an array of art and craft accessories!

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