Corner Rounding

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    PLEASE NOTE: This product is a special service and you will need to add the paper that you want the service done on to your order
    Our standard 3/8" corner rounding will be added to the 4 corners of the card stock that you choose to order.  If you do not want all 4 corners rounded, please let us know in the instruction area of your customization.  

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    • In the quantity are do I put 1 (for a group of up to 250) for $12 or 250 which comes to $3000 (which we will not be doing.

      In the quantity you would put 1.

    • I was considering getting this corner rounding to minimize the fraying for the heavier weight card stocks. These sheets will be used to separate large volumes of regular paper in a vertical filing system. Or is the fraying on all edges as opposed to just the four corners? Thanks!!

      Not all stocks fray, but at times they can have some fraying residue.  If there are any issues with the corner rounding on the stock you choose, our staff will reach out to you on the issue.