Savoy 100% Cotton Card stock for Letterpress

    Finish: 100 percent cotton
    Paper Size: 8.5x11
    Ships Within: 1 Business day
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    Savoy 100% Cotton Card Stock

    You will love the look and organic feel of this 100% cotton card stock.  Your DIY wedding invitations, personal greeting cards or even business cards will take on a luxurious feel when printed or letterpressed on this sustainable discount card stock.  

    Give the Savoy stock a try with watercolors.
    Matching 100% cotton A1, A2, and A7 Envelopes are also available!

    Questions & Answers

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    • Is this paper laser printer friendly? The kind of printers found at Staples?

      We would suggest getting a sample to test print on.  Due to the texture of the card stock, it does not take laser printing with superior results.  This is our experience with our in house digital (laser) printer.  We have had better result with inkjet printing on the Savoy 92 lb stock.  This cotton card stock is most often used for letterpress printing.

    • I’m currently using a 38pt bright white savoy cotton paper for my letterpress needs. I’m looking for more cost effective option and came across your inventory. Which savoy will be most like the 38pt. I’m currently using ? 92lb or 118lb? Thank you

      We do not stock any thing that is 38 pt.  Here is a link to our paper weights that may be of more help for you in finding the weight that you need.

    • Which is ‘more’ white - the Bright or the Brilliant?

      The Bright White and the Brilliant White are extremely close to each other in color.  The Brilliant White will be a slightly brighter white.  If you are matching our Savoy Envelopes, we only stock the envelopes in Bright White and Natural White. Natural white is more of a soft ivory color with no yellow undertones.