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    Classic CREST Recycled 100 BRIGHT WHITE 130 lb 8.5x11 Card Stock

    Brightness: 95
    Color: 100 Bright White
    Paper Size: 8.5x11
    Weights: 130 lb cover
    Printing Compatibility: copier+ digital+ Inkjet+ Laser+ Offset
    Ships Within: 1-2 business days
    Recycle: 100% recycled

    Heavy Bright White Card Stock

    with 100% Recycled fibers bring you a premium heavyweight white card stock that is also earth friendly. This extra-thick, smooth-finish card stock is 100% recycled and works well for hang tags and backings.  When you need to add a heavy paper support for clothing, CDs, or jewelry boxes, and you want cardstock that is environmentally friendly try this Classic Crest Recycled heavy card stock.   

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    Questions & Answers

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    • When doing custom cutting is the paper perforated for tearing to print cards?

      Perforatting paper is not a service that we offer at this time.  Cutting added to paper or card stock will result in a stack of stock the size you request.

    • Is this offered in a larger sheet size?

      It is available in 18x12 inches , also

    • Is it 100% Post Consumer Recycled?

      This stock is 100% Post Consumer Recycled Fiber Papers

    • What is the gsm for this paper/weight?

      352 gsm

    • Does this have a matte or gloss or satin finish?

      This stock has an uncoated matte finish.

    • Would I be able to receive a sample of this paper?

      We do offer samples of our products.

    • What is the weight I would need to make business cards with? Is 120lb thick enough?

      I would check with your printer to see how heavy of a stock that you can print on.  People use several different weights for business cards.  Any where from 80 lb up to 130 lb.

    • how thick is this in millimeters?

      I am sorry, but we are unable to give measurements in mm.  Our paper is measured in cover weight and gsm.

    • what is the gs/m of this product? https://www.cutcardstock.com/collections/white-card-stock/products/recycled-white-heavy-cardstock?variant=668594605 Thank you!

      This is about 350 GSM.