Neenah Cotton Letterpress Finish 110 lb Card stock

    Finish: 100% letterpress Cotton
    Paper Size: 8.5x11 inches
    Weights: 110 lb cover weight
    Ships Within: 1 Business day
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    Premium Letterpress Card Stock

    is from Neenah assuring you of the highest quality 100% cotton paper available.  This premium cotton card stock with its pure cotton content will offer strength, supreme hand feel, and high quality letterpress results.  The Neenah Letterpress Cotton Card Stock is the perfect medium for engraving, embossing, letterpress, offset and letterpress printing.

    This premium discount card stock is available in 3 elegant colors: Ecru which is an lovely ivory color, Fluorescent White which is a 98 bright white, and Pearl White which is an elegant soft white with a 87 brightness.

    This premium cotton discount card stock is acid free, and environmentally friendly: 100 percent tree free and recognized by the EPA as a recovered fiber.

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    • Is it possible to get a sheet to sample. I need it to accept watercolor but not allow the color to sink into the paper fibers. Using it with crayon resist. Need to determine it asap for school curriculum

      Please feel free to request samples through our REQUEST SAMPLESLink