Strathmore Pastelle DECKLE EDGE 80 lb Text Weight Paper 8.5x11 - 50 pk

    Finish: Strathmore Pastelle (felt)
    Paper Size: 8.5x11
    PLEASE NOTE: This product is PAPER ( it is NOT Card Stock)
    Printing Compatibility: Inkjet+ Laser
    Ships Within: 1 Business day
    Quantity: 50 sheets per pack
    Size Guide

    An old world look and feel is what you get when you use the Strathmore deckle edge felt finish paper.  It is available in Soft White and Natural White.  The Soft White deckle edge has a 91 brightness.  The Natural White is a soft ivory color. The 80# text weight paper makes it a great choice for printing with an inkjet printer. Envelopes with a matching deckle flap are also available.

    Please note that the deckle edge is on only one 8.5 side.

    Questions & Answers

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    • Can I get this with the deckle edge on all four sides?

      This stock only comes with the deckle on one of the 8.5x11 inch sides.

    • What is the gsm for this?

      216 gsm

    • Hi, I like this paper but need it to fit in a square shadow box. Does it come in 8x8 sheets?

      We can cut it to 8x8 inches for you.  If you add cutting, please note whether you want to keep the deckle on one of the edges or if you want it cut off.

    • Hi there - I'm looking for half sheet stationary letter paper with a deckled edge along the bottom. I see this is 8.5 x 11 but also assume it's the 8.5 side that is deckled... what are my options to get the stationary/card stock that I'm looking for. It's almost impossible to find plain half -sheet letter paper with a nice feel and nice edge.

      We can cutthe 8.5x11 to 8.5x5.5 inches for you with the deckle on the 5.5 inch side.  Unfortunately, you only get one 5.5x8.5 inch sheet with a deckle edge out of each sheet of 8.5x11 paper.

    • Do you have any paper with the deckle edge on the 11" side? If I am having this scored half page horizontally, the deckle edge will be on the side (opening), correct? I was hoping to have the deckle edge on the top or bottom.

      We only offer this stock with the deckle on the 8.5 inch

    • What is the estimated delivery for the deckle edge

      We stock this item, so it ships same day or next and the transit time will depend on where you live and which shipping service that you choose in the checkout process.  If you need a guaranteed delivery date, we highly suggest using a FedEx Service, we DO NOT recommend USPS Priority mail if you need the product in a certain time frame.

    • do you have any deckle-edge card stock in less than 80#? if yes, what sizes? thanks

      This particular listing is for 80 lb text weight paper.  We only carry the deckle edge card stock in 80 lb cover weight.

    • Does this come in any other sizes

      We currently stock this only in 8.5x11

    • This (Teton deckle edge felt finish) is what I was thinking of doing for a 4X9 venue card for my daughter's wedding. Do you have that size with the torn looking edge on all 4 sides? Thanks,

      The Teton is only available with the deckle on one side of the stock.  If you would want a 4x9 inch card, This would result in one 4 inch side with the deckled edge.