Cougar SQUARE FLAP No. 10 Envelopes

    Enclosure Size: No. 10 Flat Card (4 x 9.25 inches)
    Envelope Size: No. 10 (4.125 x 9.5 inches)
    Finish: Vellum
    Weights: 28/70# text -- 104 gsm
    Printing Compatibility: digital+ Inkjet+ Laser+ Offset
    Size Guide

    Need something classier than your average "legal size" envelopes?  Try our Cougar square flap no.10 envelopes in white or natural.  These vellum finish 70# text weight envelopes definitely surpass the typical, legal envelope and will make a nice first impression.  Enclosures up to 4 x 9.25 will fit inside these substantial envelopes.  Buy in bulk and save!

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    • I make cards and would like to know if the vellum finish on these envelopes can be colored with markers and stamped with colored inks. thanks

      Yes, you can stamp and use markers on these envelopes.