Remembering “Favorite Moments”

    October is my wedding anniversary month and I thought it would be special for my husband and I to pause, look back, and write down our favorite moments for each month this past year. We probably will finish the remaining months sometime after the new year but at least doing it now before the holidays would get us a head start. Plus, our memories aren’t as sharp as they used to be!

    Today’s project features Royal Sundance Linen Cardstock in Midnight Blue, a 80lb cover weight card stock that is perfect as a sturdy base piece. Note: I did not trim the 8.5in x 11in sheet, just kept it as-is.

    First, I cut 2.25in squares from White Basis Cardstock. There are 12 sqaures total (one for each month) and I laid them out evenly on top of the dark blue cardstock before gluing them down with Tombow Mini Liquid Glue.

    Next, I found scrapbook paper that had pops of dark blue and a gorgeous vellum with gold details that I thought would pair well with the rich blue cardstock. I used my paper slicer to cut 12 more 2.25in squares, four of each scrapbook paper, and then laid them on top of the white squares. With a little bit of switching around, I was happy with the arrangement.

    On the far left edge of the white square, I squeezed a thin line of glue and placed the scrapbook paper on top.

    With my Silhouette CAMEO, I cut out text die cuts with the Royal Sundance Linen Cardstock that read “Favorite” in a pretty script font and “moments of 2019” in a different font. To create visual contrast, I cut the same text with a slight offset from gold cardstock. I secured these die cuts together with small dabs of Tombow glue and tweezers.

    For individual text die cuts, it’s helpful to use a straight edge to ensure the die cuts line up evenly. Keep in mind to only glue however many letters fit across each square because you want each square to open up like a book. For example, for the script word “Favorite,” I snipped “fav” from “favorite” since that’s all that would fit in that particular square.

    I really love this project because, as a mom, I tend to find myself remembering all the cute moments involving my kids. Yet, I often don’t do the same for myself and I do also want to remember the special memories in my own life or shared with my husband.
    What are some of your special memories from this past year? I’d love to hear them – please share below by commenting!

    Christine (@studio_xtine)