Classic Linen 18x12 Card Stock - 250 sheets

    Finish: Subtle 2 sided LINEN
    Paper Size: 18x12
    Printing Compatibility: digital+ Inkjet+ Laser+ Offset
    Ships Within: "1-2 business days"
    Quantity: 250 sheets
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    Classic Linen 12 x 18 Card Stock

    You can feel the luxury when you hold this subtle linen texture card stock.  Available in a wide variety of 18 x 12 inch digital printing colors, this sophisticated card stock will provide exceptional quality for your DIY wedding invites, special occasion cards, and corporate event announcements. Natural White is an off-white with a cream undertone.  The white colors vary from 93 to 99 in brightness which determines the amount of yellow or blue cast to the white paper.  The greater the brightness, the less milky white the paper appears and the more blue tone it has. Classic Linen has excellent printing qualities.

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    • Hi, Is navy blue available?

      The only blue available is the Patriot blue.