Kromekote White Gloss C1S Card Stock

    Brightness: 92
    Color: White
    Finish: Gloss Coated on one side
    Printing Compatibility: copier+ digital+ Laser+ Offset
    Ships Within: "1-2 business days"
    Quantity: 200 sheets
    Size Guide

    Kromekote cast coated one sided card stock that is known for its smooth high gloss surface.  Its high white color makes printing and designing with this card stock a breeze. The cast coated surface makes is suitable for digital, laser, and offset printing (not suitable for inkjet printing).

    One side of the stock is a coated gloss and the opposite side is an uncoated matte finish.  This makes it a great choice for card makers who want a glossy white on the outside of their cards and a matte white on the inside.

    Questions & Answers

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    • I’m looking for high gloss 4x6 card stock in white and cream.

      We are sorry, but this is not something that we have available.  We can cut the Kromekote White Gloss stock to 4x6 for you.  It is a gloss stock on one side, but, we are unsure if we would call it high gloss

    • What is the weight of this cardstock please.

      available weights are shown in the drop down menu

    • I'm looking for a gloss white paper for inkjet printers in 10x5" with center fold. Can you suggest a paper for it and how much would it be for 100 bland cards? No envelopes. Judy Pettersen

      We do not carry any gloss card stock that is suitable for ink jet printers.  All of our gloss stock is only laser -- digital printing compatible.

    • I need 20 to 50 sheets of KROMEKOTE WHITE GLOSS C1S CARD STOCK, where can i get them by the sheet. Can I order through you?

      We only offer this by the ream.

    • Hello. Is this a card stock?

      Yes, this is card stock

    • Why is this not compatible with inkjet printers? What will happen if you try to use it that way? Thanks

      If you print using an ink jet printer on the gloss side of this stock, it will not dry and it will smear. 
      The matte side of the cardstock will accept inkjet printing.

    • How much is a sample.

      Feel free to order samples through our Sample Request Form.

    • Can this be used for alcohhol ink techniques,similar to the Ranger glossy white cardstock?

      It should work well with alcohol inks or any permanent ink.  Please feel free to order a sample to test this.

    • Can this be used on a inkjet printer

      The coated gloss side is NOT inkjet compatible.  The matte uncoated side is ink jet compatible.

    • Is this suitable for inkjet printers? I have an Epson 2880 printer and do greeting cards and am looking for a gloss look that I can have for my cards

      This is not suitable for an inkjet printer.  It will work with digital laser printers.

    • Do you cell colored cardstock that is white on one side for cardmaking

      We only offer the duplex card stock in black and white.