Magical Birthday Scrapbooking

    Hi there! Hannah here, from Fanciful Spaces.

    Are you into scrapbooking? I used to be. In college, my best friend and I used to spend HOURS scrapbooking. That was YEARS ago. I moved across country multiple times and shipped all of my supplies each time, and then I stopped scrapbooking and sold off all of my stuff.

    Eventually, I found card crafting, which brought me back into the world of being a paper crafter.


    I REALLY want to get back into scrapbooking, I love the idea of documenting my daughter’s life and capturing those memories. My issue is that the world of scrapbooking has changed between now and 15ish years ago. I’m trying really hard to develop these new paper crafting skills.

    Today I’d like to share a page that I recently created as well as some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way!


    I started out with a different piece of paper with similar colors and a touch of red. Oye, it looked AWFUL, though it had potential to be part of a fall-themed page. Yup, mistakes happen for everyone.

    The second time around, I stuck with similar colors for a less chaotic look.

    1) First I sprayed a 12×12 sheet of white cardstock with Lindy’s Stamp Gang Starburst Spray in Azure Sea Asters, I loved the gentle blue it added everywhere.

    2) For some extra POP, I sprayed the same paper with Lindy’s Stamp Gang Starburst Spray in Hydrangea Blue, there is SO MUCH SHIMMER in this!

    3) Because these are highly pigmented waterbased sprays, they’ll move and smear if I do anything to the paper. I needed to spray a fixative all over to help prevent losing the look I achieved. It didn’t protect 100%, but it sure did a good job, and I was happy with the outcome. I probably sprayed 3-4 light coatings before proceeding.

    4-5) Focusing on the outsides of my paper I gently rubbed some of the NEW Glacier Paste by Tonic Studios first in Frostbite then in Quicksilver. This stuff is SO SO shimmery and recently became available after first appearing at Creativation this past year. FINALLY!


    I’ve recently been fascinated by Adobe Illustrator and have been taking online classes to learn the program better. This star was an EASY thing to create and turn into an SVG file that I then cut out with my Brother Scan n Cut. You can get the file here if you like.

    1) Being inspired by combining stitching into paper crafting, but not owning a sewing machine currently, I had to fake the look by hand piercing my paper. This started out by drawing lines in my star.

    2-3) I started my holes 1/8 inch away from every edge, then plotted all the 1/4 points along the way. It looks like a lot of work, but it went really quickly.

    4) I pierced all of those points with my paper piercer and foam pad underneath.

    Sneak Peak20190816_103328

    5) I used those same Glacier Pastes but rubbed them all over my star with a makeup sponge. First the blue then the silver.

    6) My star needed something else, so I dusted the edges with some Catherine Pooler Ink, Fiesta Blue then Something Borrowed. I used a Picket Fence Change Your Life Brush for that.

    7) Not shown: I stitched away! I used some DMC silver embroidery floss. This was SO fun!

    I created my sentiment using Illustrator again. It took me probably half a day to figure this out because I’m still learning. HAHA! You can download the file here if you want, it’s free.

    1) After adhering my star to the scrapbook page with Score Tape, I used two quilting rulers to ensure it was placed straight. I use quilting rulers ALL THE TIME when crafting.

    2-3) Using the same Change Your Life Brush, I colored my sentiment, and the background for it, with the same Catherine Pooler Inks. Then I sprayed them with the same Lindy’s Starburst Sprays that I used for the base of the page.

    Not shown: I used some Tombo Mono Adhesive along the edges of my sentiment’s stars, then I covered that with Tonic’s Silver Bullion Gilding Flakes. Finally, I adhered it to my page with some foam adhesive.

    4) I cut some Basis White #110 cardstock to journal and fix my photo. The folded seam could barely be seen on my spread, but it was still distracting. I gently ran a blue Copic Marker along it to disguise it.


    You can see my journaling, ignore my horrible handwriting. I also included the birthday invite on the underside of my original photo.

    I loved this project, and I REALLY loved documenting part of my daughter’s 7th birthday.

    Thank you so much for reading! If you’re interested in the products I used, look here:

    White Discount Cardstock (less than $4 for 20 sheets!!!)
    Basis White #110 Cardstock (My favorite white paper!)
    Lindy’s Stamp Gang Starburst Spray in Azure Sea Asters and Hydrangea Blue
    Catherine Pooler Ink in Fiesta Blue and Something Borrowed
    Nuvo Glacier Paste, by Tonic Studios, in Frostbite and Quicksilver
    Silver Bullion Gilding Flakes by Tonic Studios
    Score Tape
    Tombo Mono Adhesive
    Foam Adhesive
    Silver Embroidery Floss
    Sparkling Clear Droplets by Kat Scrappiness