Fall Placement Treat Bags

    With Holiday gatherings coming up these name placement treat bags are perfect. Simple to make and you can fill these up with yummy treats!

    For the Paper bags I used Curious Metallic Card Stock in Poison Ivory and I used a template from Cricut Design Space called treat boxes and resized it to 8 by 6 inches.

    I used some flags that also come with the bag template, resized it to 2 inches tall and different leaf cut outs mixing and matching with the colors Stardream Metallic Fairway Green, Stardream Metallic Flame, Stardream Metallic Antique Gold and the Stardream Metallic Gold. You also need Some acorn cut outs and attach leaves to the back of the acorns.

    Attach the acorn and leaves to flags and attach them to the top of one side of the boxes.

    These treat Placement Bags are going to look beautiful on you table, I really hope you liked this idea and give it a try, remember this month the Stardream Metallic Card Stock is on sale. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

    Thank you