Autumn Mini Album – Part 2

    Hi Friends! Hannah, here from Fanciful Spaces! Today I’m continuing on my Mini Album theme. You might remember the last time I wrote on this blog I shared how to create the structure of a mini-album, the hinge mechanism, and the pages.

    Today we’re talking about the page inserts! The plans I used are based on a tutorial by Donna Kauffman of Mini Books R Me. She actually included 3 different guides for pocket inserts, but for simplicity’s sake, I’ve chosen to only create one of those plans which I will duplicate. Doing so just lessened my anxiety.

    Pencil marks erase easily on the Royal Sundance Fiber Cardstock, without damaging the paper.

    I’ve created this mini-album before and having so many different pages just stresses me out a little. I always find myself hyperventilating a touch and wondering “how do I open this” or “now how do I close it”.

    If you are not like me, and different pages are something you look forward too, then I’m SUPER excited for you! The plans are excellent and all pretty much as easy as this one to put together.

    It looks like a windmill, doesn’t it?

    But, if you are like me, it is OK to create a mini album how YOU want it, not according to the designer. This is YOUR project after all! You want to be happy with the final outcome.

    For this project I used the Royal Sundance Fiber Cardstock in Periwinkle, it has just a slight touch of color. At 80lb it might seem a bit thin for a project of this nature, but we’re going to be adding so much more paper to it that the pages will firm up and thicken. Never worry.

    There is so much space for photos, fun accents, and journaling! I’m REALLY excited to capture this Autumn with my family and cherish these memories forever!

    I used the following products in this project:

    That’s it! It is a very easy project to create!

    Next week I’ll start altering both the page inserts and the spine. We’ll be decorating them with a variety of papers, paints, and inks. I’ll start adding my photos in and journaling the event. I will be doing this live on either my Facebook Page or Instagram, so I hope you find me, Fanciful Spaces, and follow along! Look for images like these to re-play the event or to schedule it in your diary!

    Thank you so much for following along! I hope I’ve taken some of the fear away from this daunting project. I know when I first started making mini-albums I found it to be stressful, but that is no longer the case for me!