Autumn Mini Album – Part 1

    Hi friends! It is Hannah here, from Fanciful Spaces. I thought I would do something different than the usual for me.

    I’m really interested in Mini Albums. I’ve got one that I’m sort of working on, but honestly, I bit off more than I can chew with that project. I’m coming back to make another album, but I figured we could create one together!

    Between my personal blog, and this one, we’ll be creating this together over the next couple of weeks, or maybe months? Who knows, we’re going to follow our inspiration.

    Check out my quick video and see how easy it is to put the basics together!

    The plans I used for this book can be found here: MiniBooksRMe by Donna Kauffman

    The book looks plain now, but there are SO many possibilities! I hope you follow along with me!

    I have a few tips to help you if you need them. Trust me; I learned these the hard way! HAHA! I can mess anything up!

    • Be patient with yourself. There is a lot of math and planning involved.
    • Don’t skip a step, unless you’ve tested it out on less expensive paper first.
    • Measure twice, cut once. Or measure a thousand times and cut once. Yup, I’ve wasted plenty of paper because I just don’t do math well.
    • Read ALL the instruction on the section you’re working on before starting. You don’t need to read the instructions on the other portions, just focus on your current task.
    • This isn’t rocket science, don’t stress over all the math. You can adjust as needed.

    I focused on the Light Brown Basis paper and the Royal Sundance Fiber Cardstock, in Periwinkle. Cut Cardstock has TONS of paper to offer if you try using any of the discount paper, keep in mind the sticker that some of them have on the back. You don’t want that sticker behind where you’re folding the paper.

    That space between the pages is going to allow for so many fun embellishments!

    The products I used in this book are:

    Please follow along with this project on Instagram both at @FancifulSpaces and @CutCardStock. You can also follow along on Facebook and my Youtube Channel.

    Also, look for this image on Instagram:

    I encourage all thoughts and suggestions; let’s learn together!