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    Brown Paper

    A Natural Touch For Your Art & Craft Projects!

    While prints and vibrant colors are an excellent selection for art and craft projects, sometimes it is nice to have accents that have a more natural feel. Our high quality brown paper is available in plain brown bag paper, double sided brown bag paper, metallic brown paper, and a wide range of solid brown shades. Our high quality brown paper is ideal for:

    Die Cut Embellishments—Brown bag paper tags are a charming choice for die cut gift tags—as well as other die cut embellishments. Our brown bag paper selections also give the illusion of added texture. Brown is a perfect natural that will blend in with a wide range of projects.

    Fall Arts & Crafts—Our discount brown paper is ideal for fall arts and crafts. It blends well with other warm fall colors such as shades of orange, red, and green. This could include your fall invitations and cards, as well as custom scrapbooking projects.

    Layering—There are no limits to the how you can use our discount paper—in all shades, to enhance all of your specialty products. One of the best ways to utilize paper is to layer it. You could layer different shades of our high quality brown paper, or mix and match with other complementary or contrasting colors.

    Whether light, dark, or somewhere in-between—you can customize your specialty projects with our high quality brown paper!

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