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    Black Paper

    Enhancing Arts Crafts & Invitations With High Quality Black Paper

    When creating handmade invitations, cards, scrapbooking, and arts and craft projects—you most likely turn to vibrantly colored, glitter, and patterned paper. While vibrantly colored and patterned paper will give your projects a touch of personality, black paper can be used to create depth—and add a touch of class.

    Layering—When you have projects that you will be layering, consider adding a layer of our high quality paper somewhere in the mix. If not solid black, consider our chevron black paper or black glitter paper.

    Framing—Black paper is an excellent choice when you want to create a frame effect with any of your arts and crafts projects. You could use our discount paper to frame photos, drawings, or anything you would like to standout

    Mix & Match—If your art and craft projects will be multi-colored projects, black goes with everything! Black and white is always a classic choice, black and red makes and instant impression, and black and is sure to make any pattern or print pop.

    Black paper is also a perfect neutral that is versatile enough to go with any of your colored paper or cards. Just remember that our black discount paper is too dark to print on with your at home laser or ink jet printers. 

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