Black Envelopes for Every Occassion. .


    When sending out invitations to your next Halloween party, wedding or a back yard BBQ why not use black envelopes instead of the basic white.  Most people when they get their daily mail will stack it up on their table or counter to open at a later date.  By using black envelopes your card or invitation will stand out causing the recipient to want to open it the same day they receive it.  

    ::bottom:: Sending out your invitations and cards in regular white envelopes causes R.S.V.P. cards to arrive late to the sender; then the sender is scrambling at the last minute to make the proper food arrangements, etc. for the party.  Using a different colored envelope makes your invitation stand out and get noticed.  Your black envelope will scream ‘open me first’ to the recipient and guess what, your card will be the first piece of mail that is opened.

    The uses of black envelopes are becoming more common as wedding invitations and party invitations.   CutCardStock has in stock black blank invitations and black envelopes in several sizes.  You will find square envelopes, RSVP envelopes, and invitation envelopes that will compliment your invitations.  We offer any size you need for any occasion you are celebrating. 

     Send a black note card to a friend addressed with gold metallic letters for a special ‘Thank You’.  Using black envelopes for invitations to an evening wedding ceremony is adding a little extra elegance to your special day. Planning a dress up Halloween Party? Why not use black blank invitations to set the mood of Halloween.

    If you want your note, invitation or card to be noticed instead of lost in a stack of envelopes that only gets opened once a week, stand out from the rest and use black instead of white.  Use contrasting calligraphy or gel pens in white, silver or gold.  Dressing up a black envelope is fun and provides a more elegant look and texture than everyday white envelopes.  

    Start a trend among friends, business partners and clients by using black envelopes and note cards.  Guaranteed, your letter will be the first one that is opened.  Black envelopes are neat, clean and do not show the smudges like white envelopes do.  When sending out letters or invitations show everyone you are a step above and like to stand out in a crowd.  Have some fun and get noticed.  Use black envelopes, note cards and invitations for your next celebration .


    Formal Black Envelopes in size A7 are perfect for enclosing your 5x7 DIY Invitations.
     If you need to enclose a 4x6 announcement or photo card, our Epic Black A6 envelopes are sure to get your enclosure noticed.  If you are looking for a distinct RSVP envelope for your response cards, our Classic Crest Epic Black A1 envelopes are a perfect choice. Black Square envelopes are great for enclosing your CDs, DVD, and other square media. Discount pricing on Black Envelopes can be found at CutCardStock in the following sizes: A1, A2, A6, A7, A8, A9 and No. 10.