Colorblock Closet Dividers

    Confession:my two munchkins are 6 and 3 now but you’ll still find me strolling and drooling over the adorable baby apparel at my local Target. I swear their clothes are way cuter than when my kiddos were babes. #notfair #butnomorekidsforus

    In my nesting mode with my firstborn, I made DIY closet dividers using chipboard and scrapbooking paper. Today’s project is a more modern take on it and I can’t wait to gift these to a mama friend!

    This project features Basis Cardstock in White and the addition of Pop Tone Cardstock in Blue Raspberry produces a colorblock effect.

    Using my Silhouette CAMEO cutting machine, I modified this hanger cut file. First, I right-clicked to”Ungroup” the two hanger designs. I removed one and worked off the other. I right-clicked again and chose “Release Compound Path” to remove the internal text cutout. To increase the height of the top edge, I drew a rectangle of the same width and welded the two pieces together.

    Once I liked the modified hanger shape, I copied/pasted three more times to have a total of four closet divider base pieces.

    Next, within the Silhouette Studio software, I created a diagonal piece from the base piece shape. I also added text cutouts “0-3m”, “3-6m”, “6-9m”, and “9-12m” on each one.

    Then, I used scrapbooking adhesive to overlay each colored diagonal piece over each white base piece. Tombow Mini Liquid Glue is one of my favorite scrapbooking tool because it is great for gluing tiny pieces like the little inner circles of the “0”, “6”, or “9” numbers.

    Once dried, I put them through a laminator to help it last a little longer. This step is optional. The Basis cardstock itself is thick and even more so with the Pop Tone cardstock overlay.

    This super simple project is a fun way to add some color and personal touch to your children’s closet. Or it would be such a thoughtful gift for that mama-to-be friend of yours. Post this to
    your Pinterest for later!

    Christine (@studio_xtine)