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Paper Scoring on Discount Card Stock

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  • I want to create A1 greeting cards that have two scores for each card resulting in 3 panels. I am punching a square on the middle panel. The first panel will be folded to cover the artwork inserted in the middle panel behind the punched out square. The third panel will be the space to print or write a message. I have calculated that if I use 18 x 12 card stock I will have three A1 two score panel cards. I would like to use 125 sheets (of 250 sheets) to create these. I would also like to create A2 greeting cards with the same requirements as the A1. I calculate I can get 2 A2 two score panel cards and 1 A1 two score panel card from the remaining 125 sheets. This is the first time I have done this and appreciate your thoughts on how I can best place the order so that is clearly understood. Thank you so much for your help. Sandra

    Please call our customer service to get help with this order or email this request to us at
    We are able to help put this order together.  It will require both paper scoring and paper cutting fees.
    We are unable to do the square punch.
    Thank you

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