12x12 Card Stock

    Metallic is in! Right now metallic colors are the sizzling-hot new trend in fashion and other crafts. From the haute couture runways to the celebrity red carpets, metallics are currently all the rage. Open up any fashion magazine - or just walk down the street - and you'll see a wide variety of metallic bags, shoes, belts, and more.

    While metallics are popular in the world of high fashion, these shimmery, iridescent colors aren't just for accessories anymore. In fact, you can now find 12x12 metallic cardstock to use in your handcrafted party invitations.

    Why let the fashion designers have all the fun? Use Curious metallic cardstock to give your handmade party invites that sleek cutting-edge look. This line of sparkling, luminescent, acid-free papers is double-sided to maximize your creative options. In addition, they are available in a wide variety of other eye-catching, contemporary colors.

    Your Stardream Metallic Card Stock Authority

    Here at, you can always find the latest - and the greatest - in paper crafting goods. That includes Stardream Metallic card stock. Our online inventory features an extensive selection of this high quality cardstock - at infinitely affordable prices.

    You can select a value-priced 25-pack of these shimmering, glimmering papers in your favorite single color. But, why choose just one pack in a single shade? After all, the more packs of 12x12 metallic cardstock or 8.5x11 card stock you buy, the more money you end up saving.  Most items are currently stocked and ready for immediate shipment.