Lizzie here with a FAB tutorial on how to make an envelope insert for invitations that you want to look super adorable!  First, gather up your supplies!
 I am working on my son's Third Birthday Party invites.  It is a pirate theme with a twist of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Bright colors and simple patterns are what I am using along with a horded stamp set I bought over five years ago and never inked up.  I KNEW I would find a reason to use it some day!  Take that husband who says I spend too much on crafty supplies and never use them!
Once you have your invitations all made and pretty, it's time to make some inserts!
Find the pattern paper that will accent your invites and lay your envie ontop of it, flap open and all.
 We are about to get really technical here and super fancy.  So hold on to your hats people! 
Take your pencil... yup just a pencil and lightly trace around the flap of your envelope.  See... told ya.  Very fancy!
I have found that using a score board and a finger knife works awesome with the cutting.  If you do not have any of these tools, you can use your trimmer.  But I prefer the score board/finger knife method as I can see exactly how straight my lines are.
Now you just trim down your paper to fit accordingly into your envie.  You might even want to get fancy spancy and use a corner rounder on the top. 
Tip:  Take your completed envie and lay it on the score board.  Score at the fold of your envie to create a nice crease for when you fold your flap down.
I hope you have a great time at the next party you are planning and with using these super cut inserts, everyone will sure to RSVP!  And don't forget... all Blank Invitation Sets are 15% off!!!!  No code needed.  Just hop on over to and save!!
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