Curious Metallic

Sheared metal meets shimmering iridescence! Curious Metallics have the sparkling surface and luminescent sheen of machined metal - on both sides of the sheet. The Iridescent colors are the same color on both sides & are similar to a soft sparkly/metallic finish, yet a bit more subtle. Elegant, yet subtle iridescent finish with 'flipping' hi-tech synthetic colors.These have excellent lightfast properties and are produced using elemental chlorine-free pulp. Acid-free and are made with naturally occurring pigments. Curious Metallics are Laser & Ink Comp. (Assuming paper weights comply with your printer). Available weights: 92 lb cover , 111 lb cover and 80 lb text.
White Gold: Subtle fainted Gold (ivory) - metallic finish
Ice Gold: Bright white metallic with a 'gold' cast which reflects in the light -metallic finish
Gold Leaf: Gold metallic (a bit of an antique shade) - metallic finish
Lustre: 'tanish-silver shade' - metallic finish
Galvanised: a medium silver- metallic finish
Ionised: light charcoal - metallic finish
Shadow: medium charcoal (shade darker than ionisedl- metallic finish
Olive: antique olive green- metallic sheen
Ice Silver: Bright white metallic with a 'silver' cast - it appears almost completely white metallic.
Lime: soft lime green - metallic finish
*Rich Cobalt: dark blue with a subtle copper combination - metallic finish
*Inferno: red - metallic finish
Red Laquer--Dark red - metallic finish
Mandarin: rich orange - metallic finish
*Chocolate: very Dark Brown soft metallic finish
*Blue Print: Medium Blue soft metallic finish
*Ink: Dark Navy soft matte metallic finish
Violette: Dark Purple metallic finish
Super Gold: Yellow Gold metallic finish
Cognac: Medium Brown matte metallic finish
Cryogen White - is a milky white with a subtle sparkly/metallic finish
Poison Ivory - is a natural color with a satiny sparkly/metallic finish
Virtual Pearl - is a Pearl color the that has reflective changes in the light

*indicates that these color are only available in cardstock.

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