With Spring in the air, I thought a little sunny project was just in order.

This hybrid album is super easy to create & put together.
1.) Download the file & un-zip the attachments.
2.) Print
3.) Cut & tape envelopes.
4.) Punch holes & add "o" ring.
5.) Embellish with stickers and ribbon.
6.) Add love notes & pictures to pockets.

 Here are all the individual  printable envelope images. There is a total of 12 files all together.

I had fun embellishing this mini envelope set. 
I choose the white doily below but there are 
a total  of six doilies to choose from.

& the Couger Super Smooth White 80lb Cardstock and it printed beautifully!
I also used the 100lb and it did not work so well but itwas too heavy to fold and the edges cracked.

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