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These bright cards and envelopes will get noticed when used in creating your personalized cards.

Sarah Early from Charleston, South Carolina of DODELINE DESIGNS created some Cards using the Astrobrights.  Here is a Bright Card that she calls LAZY SUMMER.  She created it from Astrobright Stardust White Cardstock.  The Stardust White is a White with multi colored flecks throughout.  It is a popular choice amount CutCardStock Customers.

Sarah did a little write up of how she created this card:
"Lazy Summer

This design celebrates summer, doodles, and all things handmade! Here’s how it was done:
- I started by finding an image online of a butterfly in the pose I wanted.
- I printed it out, cut it out, and then traced it onto a tab divider I had that had a really neat print. You could of course use pattern paper as well, but I liked the shine & thickness of the tab divider.
- I then purchased two packs of stickers (Making Memories) and used them to create a really fun, girly composition. Don’t stress about it, the whole idea of this was to be very free and unstructured, like the lovely long days of summer!

P.S. Don’t forget about the inside of the card – for this design, I again wanted to have a very handmade look, so I just penciled in a nice design, traced it with my favorite black pen, and added a few cute flowers to create a really nice card."

Sarah is very talented and we are grateful that she did these cards using our products.  Here is an excerpt we took from her profile at  Stationery by Dodeline Design

"I am a born & raised Charlestonian with a passion for all things design. I am happiest when I'm busiest with projects I love -- which could be many old furniture, designing a website, making cards, you name it! 

It all started with a scrapbook kit my mom gave me when I was 12 years old -- combine that with my totally do-it-yourself upbringing, and that's how I got where I am today!

...dodeline? what does that mean?...

Well, since I'm a big French buff, "dodeline" comes from a French word, "dodeliner," which means "to sway." I loved the sound of the word, and it immediately gave me this image of dandelions swaying in the wind on a spring day. I also liked the idea of going with the flow & seeing where life takes me. 

Wondering how to say it? That's okay, it's:


...favorite things...

I always think you can tell a lot about a person by their favorite are some of mine:

- Clean sheets
- The smell of old books
- Wearing new shoes for the first time!
- Warm paper right out of the copier
- Walking on the beach 
- Sky rides
- The smell of a Christmas tree
- Candles
- 19th century literature...Jane Austen, anyone?
- Anything, architecture, language, etc.
- the Georgia Bulldogs"


Sarah used the the STARDUST WHITE & the SOLAR YELLOW to create the two note cards above.  Be sure to take a few moments and see more of Sarah's graphic work at Dodeline Design and at her blog The Quirky Designer

 We are also Featuring more work from Julie Gastelum from Peoria, AZ of Kattfive's Handmade Card Creations She also did some work using the Blank Astrobright A2  folded Note Cards.  She did her work on the Re-Entry Red Card and on the Stardust White.  

A Special THANK YOU to Sarah from Dodelinedesigns and Julie from  Kattfive's Handmade Card Creations  for sharing their creative work with us!

Be sure to give the Astrobright Folded A2 cards and Matching Astrobright envelopes a try for your next project that needs some BRIGHT  blank invitations and envelopes.  Astrobright Cards & Envelopes are a great Value and are stocked in 4 colors:  Stardust White, Solar Yellow, Gamma Green & Re-Entry Red.

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